junior parkrun - 12th October 2016

Double whammy


Fact: At junior parkrun we love a party.

We love to celebrate.

We love to have fun.

And we love the chance to wear our pyjamas in the park!


Well, that is what they told the children at Buckingham junior parkrun on their birthday recently. And I think you’ll agree, it looks like they got it right.

  1st Anniversary warm-up

They had their 1st anniversary a few weeks ago and had a wonderful morning in a crisp autumn sun to help them celebrate. There was an open fancy dress theme for the event with both runners and marshals turning out in a variety of costumes.


In common with other junior parkrun events, Buckingham has grown steadily over the last year with an established core of regular participants who are joined by tourists from other event and children who might be taking a break from another sport that weekend.


Claire Hubner, Event Director, said “It is great to see so many enthusiastic children turning out every week to participate in the run.  And the support of so many people from the community to help ensure the safety of the event has really helped bring the community together.”


That’s the junior double whammy right there. Fun and fitness. No better mixture for a lifetime of improved health – both physical and mental.


England athletics are promoting Run and Talk (#runandtalk) week this very week with the aim of encouraging people to improve their mental health.


We want to have a positive impact on adults and children of all ages which is why we place so much emphasis on fun and participation at junior parkrun.


So, if you have a reason to celebrate we would love you to do it.

After all, who doesn’t look good in a superhero costume?


Joanne Sinton-Hewitt Event Support Manager @parkrunjoanne

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