junior parkrun - 19th October 2016

Asking the experts…


Over the summer, we launched an exciting new opportunity for young people to get involved in all things parkrun – the parkrun youth panel.


Over 75 four to seventeen year olds got in touch to let us know they wanted to be on the panel and they are already contributing to the future development of parkrun on matters that impact young people.


As part of the application process, we invited young people to send us a 30 second video explaining what they love most about parkrun. The technology generation didn’t disappoint and we received some brilliant videos.  


The youth panel’s first ‘mission’, which over half chose to accept and took place over the summer holidays, was to write an anti-bullying policy. Clare Fowler (Safeguarding Lead for parkrun UK), was blown away by the responses and is in the process of producing the official new policy which will be published online. 


The latest mission, which is due to be sent out very soon, will involve the youth panel helping us to make junior parkrun as appealing as possible to children and families from all walks of life. 


We’ll be challenging the youth panel to think about whether their local parkrun / junior parkrun is truly reflective of the community where they live. We’ll be inviting them to contribute their ideas on how they think parkrun can engage those who would benefit most from the opportunity to do some fun, free physical activity in their local park every weekend.  




We know that sometimes, particularly at junior parkrun, it’s actually the adults who are the ones who need persuading, so that their children are afforded the opportunity to do something they will inevitably enjoy! So how do you persuade your parents to take you along to junior parkrun, there’s only one way to find out… ask the experts! 


The parkrun youth panel has an open enrolment and is open to anyone between the ages of four and seventeen. To find out more about getting involved, read our article from July 2016. 


Rowan Ardill
(Engagement Officer)

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