junior parkrun, News - 6th April 2017

What would Batman do?


Hi, I’m Tom Fairbrother and I am the Communications Executive for parkrun Global, looking after parkrun social media and working closely with all 14 parkrun countries worldwide.


But I also want to be like Batman.


No, I don’t mean I want to fight crime on the streets of Gotham. I mean the Batman who comes along to our local junior parkrun each week.


Now the first thing you need to know is that Batman only ever runs in his cape. No cape, no parkrun! Whatever the weather, come rain or shine Batman is there on the start line with his Dad alongside all the other junior parkrunners, with his cape on his back and a smile on his face.


Batman and his Dad come along each week and they are usually among the final finishers, accompanied by the volunteer Tail Runner. But you see, our Batman isn’t interested in being the hero. Our Batman will walk a bit, he’ll run a bit, he’ll stop for a bit, he’ll pick up some leaves and he might even stop to look and point at the birds.


You see, Batman is everything that junior parkrun stands for. It’s not about being first or getting a PB. There’s no “winning” at parkrun. It’s about encouraging good habits that will last a lifetime. At junior parkrun, whether you’re Spiderman, Wonderwoman, or The Hulk, you can take as long as you like.




Because junior parkrun is about taking part and being active. It’s about having fun, spending time with friends and family and enjoying shared experiences. It’s about being part of the community and celebrating our parks and open spaces, and learning the pure joy of being outdoors amongst nature.


I think we can all learn from Batman. In our everyday lives we get weighed down by stress and worry. We are always hearing and reading about the next crisis on the horizon. We beat ourselves up over every tiny mistake we make. We always want to be better and we have a tendency to focus on the negatives and look for our faults. I know I certainly do.


But Batman; no, Batman just wants to put on his cape and have some fun!


Now unfortunately whilst it might not be possible for some of us to wear a real cape to work (sad face), the next time life is getting you down, just put on your invisible cape and ask yourself: what would Batman do?


Tom Fairbrother
Communications Executive, parkrun Global

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