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Christmas Greetings

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Dear parkrun, I thought you might like an update about my mum, Elisabeth, who you featured in your newsletter just before Christmas. She lives at a residential care home just over the road from the Sandy Lane Gate in Bushy Park, which is right on the route of the iconic Bushy parkrun.


mum twixmas 2017


Every Saturday, she joins marshals at this spot to cheer parkrunners as they pass. She first went last May, and after she had been doing this for a few weeks the Bushy parkrun community awarded her her very own hi-vis, of which she is enormously proud, so making her an official ‘honorary marshal’. Since then, more and more people greet her on their way by. Some pause to talk to her en route and the faster runners, who have no time to shout a greeting during their parkrun, will often have a chat to her as they leave the park on their way home instead. She has learnt the art of the ‘high-five’ and made many new friends, and renewed old acquaintances from being their each week. Not only parkrunners, but others who regularly walk in the park at about the same time each week.


Just before Christmas, Paul Killick, a Bushy parkrun regular – more than that, with a mighty 570 runs (and counting) to his name of which 553 have been at Bushy Park – dropped off a Christmas card to my mum at the home, and they posed for a selfie together. My mum was really delighted to have the card and frankly astonished to find that her involvement in parkrun was so appreciated. Paul posted about this and it got picked up on some Facebook forums, which resulted in a little flurry of cards and greetings being sent to my mum.


mum at parkrun


The Christmas cards were very much appreciated. Mum was particularly touched by the personal messages, with some runners sharing their own stories about what parkrun means to them. A few signed off with their parkrun number, and she was impressed to receive a card ‘from someone with an CBE’. Who can that have been?! A couple of junior parkrunners even sent some sweets and a lovely photo of themselves at Rogiet parkrun, noting, ‘everyone appreciates you clapping at parkrun’, which sort of sums it up!


So thank you everyone who got in touch, I may have missed a few in which case apologies, your card was still massively appreciated, but the tally I came up with included greetings from near and far. Thanks to: Donabate parkrun, Dublin; Bob and a thousand other parkrunners!; Wendy and Orla; Gina and Steve from Tredegar House Newport parkrun; Gillian and Paul, Heaton parkrun Manchester runners; Jenny from Congleton parkrun, Cheshire; Anita, Bromley parkrun; Danny and Tiffany Waterworks parkrun, Belfast, Norther Ireland; Jacqueline, Druridge Bay, Northumberland; Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE; Paul K; Krysin, Martin, Selt and Kirst; Eva (5) and Rosa (6), Rogiet parkun; Tess and Morag and many more.


mums flowers december 217






There were lots of messages, but one that resonated for me was the comment: ‘people like you make parkrun the amazing experience it is. parkrun changed our lives, so we are always grateful to the volunteers and supporters.’


parkrun has changed my life too. The actual ‘running’ part has become almost incidental to the community support, friendships made, post-parkrun brunches and laughs along the way. What I hadn’t anticipated, was how great an impact it would have on my mum’s life too, for which I am incredibly grateful. For her, it is something she really enjoys and looks forward to – carefully putting out all her kit the night before so she will be on time to her marshal point and there are lots of photos of her at parkrun on display in her room as well. Quite right too!


My mum celebrated her 89th birthday at the weekend, so I was visiting from Sheffield. She wanted to write her own message of thanks to the parkrun community about what it means to her. Enjoy:


Lucy Marris
parkrunner A448776


Elisabeth’s parkrun story, in her own words:


Happy New Year!


parkrun has enriched my life ever since May 2017 when I came down to the Sandy Lane Gate to watch. It links with two of my children who run at Sheffield Hallam and Livingston parkruns. The marshals are really friendly. I clap along with them and have become an honorary marshal! I learnt how important community activity is as well as how important drawing others into the community is. 1,300 plus participants stream past in the same order in about 20 minutes. ‘Personal Besters’ have no time to greet marshals. Middle field runners are truly friendly and there is much reciprocal greeting and many photos taken. Tail Walkers are just brilliant! Because of my weekly involvement in parkrun I find I am greeted everywhere I go in Teddington! Could it be because of the internet?


Thank you, thank you everyone for many Christmas cards and greetings, as well as being the highlight of my week! parkrun is a truly special community organisation, in which I feel wonderfully included. It is amazing that it has become international in a brief 13 years. Congratulations. I love all your stories.


Elisabeth, Honorary Marshal at Bushy parkrun, Sandy Lane Gate






Update: I think following a recent tweet by parkrun royalty, we can safely claim that henceforth this marshal spot will be known as ‘Elisabeth’s Corner’. Thank you parkrunners, one and all.

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