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Five Reasons Why Drinking Water Can Make You Happier

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The importance of water for our bodies is not news to anyone. It is common knowledge that drinking water regularly and staying hydrated maintains a healthy and active body. However, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it seems many of us sideline the H2O in favour of a hot, caffeinated drink to keep us going instead, especially in these winter months! What perhaps is not widely known however, is that the benefits of water reach far beyond physical health.


Our supporters at Aqua Optima therefore have given us five reasons why drinking water boosts our mood and makes us happier….


1. Healthier you, happier you


Nobody likes being ill, and we’ve all had that painful, throbbing sensation in our heads when we’re dehydrated. Drinking water regularly keeps those pesky headaches away as well as keeping our body working just as it should be, including our immune system!* This gives us more time to do the things we love without feeling sluggish or lethargic.


2. Clear of toxins, happier skin


Skin breakouts are not fun, and many of us turn to the make up to cover our blemishes, which soon turns into a vicious cycle of blocked pores! Drinking water helps flush out all those toxins, leading to a better skin complexion and reduces the chance of those pimples popping back up**. We all get that little confidence boost when we know we look amazing, and drinking water is a simple way to increase that spring in your step!


3. Brain food


The average adult brain is 85% water***. Keeping it hydrated and up to scratch is proven to increase our energy and concentration levels far more than any cup of coffee can***. This increased productivity by staying hydrated can lead to that great feeling and little buzz when the final thing on a list you’ve had for ages is finally crossed off!


4. Five Steps to Filtration


Our friends at Aqua Optima have developed a 5-Step Fast Flow Filtration System, meaning the water you drink is significantly reduced of any impurities, improving its taste. If you love the sound of that, take a look on the Aqua Optima website to see which filter is best for you and keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for the chance to win a hydration kit lasting 12 months with our competitions!


5. Help the planet and your bank account!


Dishing out £2.50 a day on a coffee on our way to work does all add up and can eat up a significant amount of our disposable income. The great thing about water however is it’s just as effective for an energy boost, but significantly cheaper! Why not buy a reusable water bottle, fill it up with Aqua Optima filtered water and see the benefits to your bank account? We all feel happier knowing we’ve got that little extra cash to spend on things we love, as well as the added bonus of knowing we’re helping preserve our beautiful planet. What’s not to like?


Aqua Optima will be giving out jugs and filters in a series of competitions hosted on their social media channels. For further information follow Facebook @AquaOptima and Twitter @PurerWaterFast


*Water Logic

** Good to Know

***Natural Health News

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