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Add some spring to your parkrun

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As spring fast approaches, the longer, warmer days are an encouraging reason to get out to our local parkrun. We all understand the importance of keeping hydrated, but do we ensure we’re drinking enough?


You’ll need to take on more water before and after your parkrun to keep your muscles hydrated and reduce the risk of cramp, in turn, resulting in higher energy levels and helping to achieve your personal goals.


Hydration heroes, Aqua Optima are on hand to help! Find below their top tips to keep your hydration flowing.


Keep your muscles hydrated for optimal performance


Ever experienced sudden cramp during, or after your parkrun? If you’re dehydrated your muscles are deprived of vital electrolytes and begin to cramp up. Our friends at Aqua Optima recommend maintaining hydration levels with cool and refreshing filtered water to keep your muscles on top form, improve strength and advance muscle response to exercise*.


Nutrition & Hydration Week


Nutrition & Hydration Week (11-17 March) is fast approaching and what better excuse to be more mindful of your water intake! Why not join in this global initiative with your parkrun community to encourage and improve your focus. You really could reap the benefits of enhanced performance and faster recovery by simply maintaining a healthy intake of water before and after your run, jog or walk.

Aqua Optima’s TOP TIP: Drinking cool water helps to restore your body temperature after physical activity***.


Be more productive


Keeping hydrated with h20 is proven to increase energy and concentration levels more than your regular cup of coffee**. Aqua Optima suggest keeping a refillable water bottle close by to put a spring in your step, reduce symptoms of mental fatigue as well as brightening your pocket and the environment!


For further information, follow Aqua Optima on Facebook @AquaOptima and Twitter @PurerWaterFast



**Natural Health News

*** https://www.livestrong.com/article/381935-why-drink-water-after-exercising/

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