News - 4th March 2019

parkrunning through pregnancy

My name is Rosie Holliday and I’ve participated in parkrun for a number of years. Running at Carlisle parkrun has become a regular Saturday morning routine for me, my husband and our border terrier. It allows us to run and catch up with friends and family every week. 


I found out I was pregnant while training for the Lakeland 50, a 50-mile ultra marathon through the Lake District National Park. I continued with my training and completed the race 10 weeks into my pregnancy. I knew I wanted to keep as active as possible for as long as possible.


I have been so lucky to continue to run right through my pregnancy. Until 18 weeks I was running with my club, DH Runners twice a week as well as doing parkrun every Saturday. I then moved down to one club run a week but soon didn’t feel safe running in the dark due to a fear of falling.




parkrun has given me the opportunity to continue to run in a safe environment, not to mention the number of nurses and doctors who are there each week! On Saturday 5 January I ran my 100th parkrun at 33 weeks, and I walk-jogged my way around number 103, at 40 plus weeks pregnant!


Although my times and pace has got slower I’m enjoying it more than ever. parkrun has allowed me to cope with all the changes that pregnancy brings, it has made me trust and feel more confident in my own body and what it is capable of. It has given me some normality, helping me to keep anxieties and worries at bay.




Carlisle parkrun’s Co-Event Director and friend of Rosie’s adds: “It has been amazing following Rosie’s pregnancy journey each week at parkrun.


Rosie amplifies parkrun’s inclusive ethos, is always so supportive of every participant and even encouraged a new mum to walk round the course with her one Saturday! Thank you Rosie for sharing your journey with us.”


What Carlisle parkrun has done to support me through my pregnancy has been immeasurable, enabling me to continue to run in a safe, positive and encouraging environment. I cannot thank the runners and volunteers enough and I am so looking forward to introducing our new addition to the parkrun community.


Rosie Holliday



In 2018, the findings of the largest ever study of running in pregnancy have been published this month thanks to the contribution of 1,293 women parkrunners from around the world. You can read more about the findings here.

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