News - 25th April 2019

Apricot FAQs


We are excited to announce that the new apricot t-shirt collection has arrived! To help you with the ordering process, please see below for the answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • Is event personalisation available on the new apricot t-shirts? 

Yes, event personalisation is available within the cost of the new apricot t-shirts. Please select the ‘customisation’ button and you will be able to select your desired parkrun event.

  • Where is the personalisation printed?

The event personalisation will sit below the main parkrun logo and will be printed in a silver reflective material.

  • Please see below for the size guide for the new style apricot t-shirts:

Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 11.47.05Screenshot 2019-04-25 at 11.50.27


  • Will children’s sizing be available?

We don’t have immediate plans to make the apricot t-shirts in children’s sizes

  • Are the new apricot t-shirts the same style and fabric as the new milestone t-shirts?

The new apricot t-shirt is made by British sports brand ‘do’ and uses their super light and comfortable ‘sheer speed’ fabric. This is a high quality garment, featuring a technical poly/elastane fabric and laser cut ventilation. Whilst the apricot and milestone t-shirts are premium quality items, they are not the same style and fabric.

  • Will there be a long-sleeve/vest design?

Possibly! We are working on adding to the apricot range and, subject to demand, hope to have more news over the coming months.

  • Do the UK t-shirts include the UK flag?

No, the new apricot t-shirts do not feature the UK flag.

  • Are the t-shirts available outside of the UK? 

Not currently, but they will be available outside of the UK soon.

  • Why does this one cost more than the previous apricot t-shirt?

Whilst £33 is a slight increase on the previous retail price, this reflects higher wholesale costs now than when we created the previous range four years ago in 2015; it’s a superior quality fabric; includes personalisation and includes free international shipping.

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