News - 29th April 2019

Look hot stay cool with your parkrun team!

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We all know there is no better way to refresh and recover from your weekend parkrun than with a cool bottle of water! This month, not only are our hydration heroes at Aqua Optima on hand to remind you of the benefits of drinking enough H20, but also offering all parkrunners the chance to win one of their brand-new lumi chillers!


Now you can impress your friends and be kind to the environment by preparing for your parkrun with chilled, filtered water straight from your kitchen worktop with the innovative new ‘lumi’ water chiller.


Find out how to Look Hot Stay Cool here…


  1. Our friends at Aqua Optima only filter with love, meaning that water from the lumi chiller is better tasting as impurities are significantly reduced through the filtration system
  2. Mild dehydration is a common cause of fatigue so make sure you keep a refillable bottle of fresh drinking water at hand to keep you alert and full of energy throughout your parkrun
  3. As families now feel more motivated to exercise regularly in the warmer weather, the lumi chiller makes the perfect water source for families to fill reusable hydration bottles


The brand-new sleek and stylish worktop water filter chiller doesn’t require any plumbing, great for you to plug, fill, and chill before and after your parkrun! Chilling water twice as fast as your fridge jug, you’ll no longer have to wait to hydrate with refreshing, chilled filtered water.


Featuring the same technology used in the Aqua Optima water filter jugs, you’ll still be able to use your Aqua Optima filters. To find out more about the new ‘lumi’ chiller by Aqua Optima Water visit


Make sure you’re following Facebook @AquaOptima and Twitter @PurerWaterFast and keep your eyes peeled for your chance to WIN with lumi competitions!

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