News - 29th May 2019

Test your child’s hydration this exam season


The warmer weather is always a good sign for our parkrunners as a major motivation to get out in the fresh air to walk, jog or run their local parkrun and junior parkrun. However, Spring may not be as exciting for your children. With exams well underway, our friends at Aqua Optima are here to help keep you keep your children hydrated and full of energy for optimum exam performance.


Staying hydrated is easy in hindsight but more difficult to keep on top of, that’s why our supporters, Aqua Optima have put together some useful top tips:


1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Trying to get the family ready for the day and out of the house in the morning can be a challenge in itself, however, preparing ahead by making sure that the children have a reusable bottle filled with water will help to keep them hydrated throughout the day.


2. New School Rule

Research suggests that those who drink water before and during an exam receive an average boost of 5%*, increasing brain activity and attention span, which reduces fatigue throughout the test and develops an improvement in memory. A recent experiment found that when children had additional drinks of water, this significantly improved their ability to focus and recall information.


3. Make the decision to drink more

Drinking more water has been found to inform decision-making** as the body is hydrated, it relieves its exposure to heat and therefore, prevents becoming tired. Findings also suggest that students who are dehydrated after lunchtime activities may not only become dehydrated in their first lesson back, but until the end of the school day. We all know how exhausted we feel after our morning parkrun and the first thing we turn to is a refreshing bottle of water, and this is no different at school.


4. Happier, hydrated

Drinking water has been related to improvements in our mood, improving our willingness to learn and consume new information. This effect of alertness has been proven to increase our performance and concentration. So don’t pass on water, pass the test!


If you’re looking for an easier way to serve your children chilled filtered water, make sure you’re following Facebook @AquaOptima and Twitter @PurerWaterFast and keep your eyes peeled for your chance to WIN a brand-new Aqua Optima lumi chiller with lumi competitions! To find out more about the new ‘lumi’ chiller by Aqua Optima Water visit www.aqua-optima.com.


* – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-17741653

** – https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/306638.php

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