News - 16th July 2019

Dementia affects the brain. So why are we looking at ears?

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Hearing loss is a natural part of life, but did you know – it could be one of the most significant risk factors of all when it comes to dementia?


As a parkrunner you know how lifestyle choices can affect your everyday life. And perhaps like us at Alzheimer’s Research UK, you’d like to learn more about prevention to help establish the connections between everyday life and dementia risk.


So far, we know that there are nine key risk factors for dementia that are linked to lifestyle choices that could be changed. These include smoking, high blood pressure and potentially the way many of us deal with hearing loss as we grow older.


It’s now time to build on these findings. The sooner we understand how specific lifestyle choices are linked to dementia, and the changes people can make, the sooner we could find a way to help stop one in three cases of dementia before they even start.


Your gift today can help research learn more from our lifestyles, so we can move closer to a world free from dementia.

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