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Five places to use your Aqua Optima this summer

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The school holidays are finally here! Amongst the excitement of British summertime, family holidays and a multitude of day trips, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re drinking plenty of H₂O!


That’s why our friends at Aqua Optima have put together a list of the top five family favourite places* to visit to ensure you pack that filtered water. Wherever you’re heading, keep your family hydrated with the fresh taste of filtered!


  1. The Zoo

Visiting the animals, exploring the scenery and discovering new creatures is always a firm favourite for the little ones. But whilst watching those penguins splashing around, don’t let that water trick you into thinking you don’t need a drink. Fill up regularly on filtered water from your reusable hydration bottle and do your bit for both your health and the planet.


  1. The Beach

Another popular choice for a family trip on the summer break is always the beach. Whether it’s your nearest seaside town at home or a trip abroad, the sun, sea and sand is an easy distraction allowing you to become de-hydrated in the heat. Make sure you pack enough filtered water in your Aqua Optima reusable bottles for the whole family to stay happy, healthy and hydrated whilst having fun in the sun!


  1. The Garden

If you’re feeling like a chilled day at home in the garden, you’ll need your Aqua optima lumi chiller more than ever. When at home it’s easier to reach for those fizzy drinks and caffeine but by making the healthy switch to water you’ll stay hydrated for longer and reap the health benefits too! Why not even pledge your promise and join our #WaterWednesday community to keep you right on track >>>


  1. On ‘Staycation’

Don’t forget you’ll need to pack your Aqua Optima jug when heading off for your highly anticipated summer ‘staycation’. Take the fresh taste of filtered with you, and remember, keeping healthy and hydrated will help ensure a happy holiday for the whole family.


  1. On your Road Trip

We are most likely to hit the road for a family adventure during the school holiday whilst the weather is a bit warmer. You’ll need your flask of filtered water as you travel to keep you hydrated and focused whilst coping with the summer motorway traffic. Drink up wherever you end up, whether it’s a picnic lunch in the park or the countryside. Why not enhance your H₂O by flavouring with some fresh lemon or seasonal berries?

For further information, follow Aqua Optima on Facebook @AquaOptima, Twitter @PurerWaterFast and Instagram @AquaOptima. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for their latest competitions to win a brand-new #lumi filtered water chiller, perfect for the whole family!



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