News - 2nd September 2019

Hydrating whilst visiting other countries


Staying hydrated can seem almost impossible when you’re on holiday or experiencing warmer weather than usual. Whether you are enjoying the unpredictable British sunshine or travelling abroad, maintaining a healthy fluid intake is vital to ensure you enjoy every minute.


Dehydration is common in holidaymakers, as they are not replenishing the fluid that the body loses to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Many factors can cause our body to become dehydrated such as the climate, exercise, our diets and alcohol intake.


Sustaining an increased intake of water whilst on holiday can be particularly difficult if you are unsure of the tap water in the country you are visiting. Our friends at Aqua Optima who are leading specialists in hydration and filtration have created their ultimate guide to holiday hydration!


Know where the water isn’t safe

Whilst most countries in Europe, Australia and North America do have safe drinking water, there are other countries including Russia, Mexico and Asia where you need to be cautious. Check out Aqua Optima’s useful map below which highlights tap water reliability.




Hydrate on the go

Be sure to pack a bottle of filtered water in your bag to make sure you keep hydrated when you’re out and about. Whether you’re exploring a foreign city or looking to hit the beach, pack enough water in your bag to last the duration of your day trip.


Little and often

Continuous fluid intake is really important when you’re experiencing hot weather. Regularly drinking water throughout the day in small sips is the best way to keep on top of hydration. Why not pack a water filter jug; even if the tap water is guaranteed safe to drink, improve its quality using our filter jugs.


Be wary of alcohol and caffeine

Unfortunately not all fluids are hydrating, but that doesn’t mean you have to put down that morning coffee. Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, meaning they make you lose water at a higher rate than normal. Make sure you balance out each dehydrating drink with a glass of refreshing filtered water.


Active? Top-up your fluids

When we take part in physical activity, our bodies naturally heat up more. If you enjoy getting involved with physical activities whilst on holiday such as jogging, swimming and even playing tennis, it is much easier to lose water through sweat. Make sure you take a bottle of fresh filtered water with you to replenish your fluid levels and avoid symptoms of dehydration like headaches and dizziness.


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