News - 26th September 2019

Five Ways to Make your Run Eco-friendly


A weekly parkrun in your local area is the perfect way to improve fitness in a friendly environment. However, with current anxieties concerning the impact of single-use plastic and fast fashion on climate change, we are all trying our best to reduce our environmental impact.


One way we can transform our lifestyles is to make our workouts as eco-friendly as possible. Our friends at Aqua Optima have devised a list of essential, yet simple alternatives to make sure you’re positively contributing to the health of the environment whilst improving yours.


Cycle or walk to your parkrun

With more than 600 events in the UK, your local parkrun could be within walking or cycling distance! Switching up the way you travel to your weekly parkrun is a simple way of increasing your active minutes while reducing air pollution by avoiding your car.


Get a Reusable water bottle

Plastic waste is an every growing concern, especially on its impact to water quality and marine life. Instead of relying on disposable plastic bottles, invest in a reusable water bottle and fill with freshly filtered water. Get perfectly chilled water every time with Aqua Optima’s lumi chiller, an ideal solution for reducing single-use plastic consumption.


Go ‘Plogging’

With environmental awareness days such as the Great British Beach Clean between 20th-23rd September and National Clean-up Day gaining in popularity, why not transform your weekly run! Plogging is a Scandinavian phenomenon growing in popularity and is the combination of jogging whilst picking up litter. Individuals and running groups alike are tackling local litter by picking it up on their runs.

Plogging offers a fun alternative to a normal run as it provides a more varied form of exercise thanks to the dynamic movements involved in collecting rubbish. Why not make it competitive and challenge your friends to see who can pick up the most in a set amount of time! Plogging is a great workout option if you’re hoping to do some good for you fitness and the environment.


Recycle your old kit

Bored of you old running shorts and workout top? Instead of sending them off to landfill, why not drop off your unwanted workout clothes at a local recycling point! If your clothes are still in good condition, you could also organise a clothes swap with friends or sell them online to keep your wardrobe fresh and sustainable.


Choose sustainable active wear

Many performance fabrics for active wear are manufactured from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester, meaning they require a great deal of energy to make. These materials don’t tend to be biodegradable either, but thanks to the push for more environmentally friendly fashion, brands are now creating high performance fabrics from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles!


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