News - 28th October 2019

Aqua Optima’s Essential Guide to Keep You Healthy This Winter


We haven’t found a cure for the common cold yet unfortunately, but there are ways we can change our lifestyle to help fight off an oncoming cold or help speed up your recovery. No one wants to miss out on the fun of our weekly parkrun, so at Aqua Optima we’ve to come up with the ultimate tips to stay healthy this winter.


Nothing can cure a cold but there are some remedies, including drinking plenty of water, which can help ease symptoms and stop you feeling considerably run down.


Rest and reduce stress

Knowing the importance of rest when recovering from a cold is vital in understanding what your body is telling you. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and try to reduce your stress levels for the best recovery. Stress can severely impact your mood and consequently slow down your immune system, so make sure you do something that relaxes you like listening to music or reading a book.


Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is key to fight off a cold and speed up your recovery. Staying hydrated with freshly filtered water with the Aqua Optima lumi chiller is a great way to avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. Water has many benefits when you’ve been struck down with cold or flu as it can help drain your sinuses, flush out harmful toxins from your immune system and manage a fever.


Drink hot beverages

Consuming warm liquids – particularly when you’re experiencing congestion – can aid in loosening up mucus in your chest or sinuses. Hot drinks such as tea or lemon and honey will temporarily soothe your cough and open up a blocked nose. Try making your tea with Aqua Optima filtered water for improved taste and help to increase the life of your appliances thanks to limescale reducing filter technology.


Try gentle exercise

If you’re suffering from a minor cold or on your way to recovery, some gentle exercise can help you feel better. Try walking at your weekend parkrun or a light workout to release endorphins that will lift your mood and boost your immune system.


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