News - 25th November 2019

Will you add a gift to mine this Christmas?


With December just a few days away, your thoughts will now start turning to Christmas and what presents you’ll be giving your loved ones.


Here supporter Laura, who has inherited a rare faulty gene meaning she will develop early-onset Alzheimer’s in her 40s, explains how giving a special gift in support of groundbreaking dementia research this Christmas can help transform lives like hers.


For a while now, I’ve been thinking of the things in life that are most precious. The people I love, the memories I treasure and the things I really care about.


At just 34 I learned that I’m going to develop an extremely rare form of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. My dear father developed the same disease in his forties, so I always knew I could carry the same faulty gene.


Right now, I’m healthy. But that will change by my mid-forties. At times it’s been very hard, and I’ve felt heartbroken by the things I’ll never do, like have a family of my own. Yet, I have faith that, in time, the scientists at Alzheimer’s Research UK will find a way to treat all forms of dementia. And like you, I want to do everything I can to help find that life-changing treatment.


I’m part of a medical trial, testing a drug that could become the first breakthrough treatment for dementia. And you can help.


Can you add your gift to mine this Christmas, by donating in support of vital groundbreaking dementia research?


Your gift holds the power to change lives like mine. Imagine how amazing it would feel to say that you were part of finding that breakthrough.


I really believe that with research, we’ll find a way to slow dementia, then stop it altogether.


You can find out more about my story, and what it means to support dementia research here.

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