News - 28th November 2019

I couldn’t imagine life without it


In October last year, a breast cancer diagnosis brought Jenny Palmer’s whole world crashing down.


Jenny explains how parkrun has been her sanctuary.


I joined parkrun with my other half Phil two years ago. He was keen to get some exercise and it was actually his doctor that recommended parkrun.


I said to him “I’m a solo runner I won’t like it!” But two years later I absolutely love it. I haven’t stopped since.


However, in October last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer which completely shocked me. My whole world came crashing down. But this was never going to stop me doing what I love doing.


Two days after I was diagnosed I walked parkrun dressed as a tree (it was a woodland theme!) to celebrate five years of Longrun Meadow parkrun. I do love a bit of parkrun fancy dress!


image1 (3)


Every single person has supported me and encouraged me through my journey. I’ve still managed to jog, run, walk throughout my entire treatment.


Having always been a runner, it was a strange experience to walk. The support I got from my incredible running buddy Nikki was amazing. She’s walked, jogged and ran with me on almost every parkrun. We met at parkrun and have been great friends ever since.


Walking gave me time to enjoy parkrun in a different way, to look around and take in the beautiful setting we are so lucky to have. Longrun Meadow parkrun has become my sanctuary. Every week I go there, the warmth I get from everyone is just the best.


I couldn’t ever imagine life without parkrun now. Whether I’m running or volunteering, to be a part of this special place is just fantastic.


Now I’m almost at the end of treatment it’s been a time to reflect and be thankful that what started as a small idea for people coming together is now parkrun.


Jenny Palmer


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