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Five Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Keep in 2020


The beginning of a New Year brings with it promises to make this year better than the last. Many people set themselves up for failure by trying to take up too many new things or altering their lifestyles in extreme ways, when in fact; small changes can make the biggest difference to your 2020.


Our friends at Aqua Optima have chosen five simple New Year’s Resolutions that will be easy to keep all year!


Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is the simplest lifestyle change we can all make to be a little healthier in the New Year. Fight fatigue, dry skin and recurrent headaches by making sure you drink throughout the day. Grab a reusable bottle so you can easily top yourself up on the go. Improve the taste of water whilst boosting your health and wellbeing by switching to filtered water from Aqua Optima. Why not treat yourself to the lumi chiller; a compact and stylish water filter system that gives you refreshingly chilled water at the touch of a button.


Enjoy the outdoors

Spending time outdoors is a great way to get active and socialise with friends in a beautiful environment. Enjoy the great-outdoors that Britain has to offer by camping, hiking, cycling and much more! Staying in the UK for your holidays or for a weekend away is also a great way to become more eco-friendly by seriously reducing your carbon usage. Fresh air, great views and good company will make your 2020 the best yet.


Get Active

Staying active is normally at the top of everyone’s New Year’s Resolution list, but many people struggle to find an exercise they enjoy. Taking up walking your dog, jogging or running or starting a new gentle workout class like yoga or Pilates will get you more active in the New Year. Why not even set a goal to take a friend along to your local parkrun? Having a weekly activity that you commit to doing at least once a week will not only act as a natural stress reliever but can help you create a routine that will last through the year.


Live greener

There are plenty of small changes we can make this year that can radically reduce our plastic waste. One simple way to live greener is to invest in sustainable and reusable products such as water bottles. If you are able, why not reduce your fuel consumption by walking, cycling or jogging. You’ll not only be doing your bit for the planet, but will be feeling better too. For more tips on how to make your exercise more eco-friendly, checkout our previous blog here.


Spend more time with friends and family

Taking time away from our handheld devices and screens is an issue that all of us are aware of. Swap an hour of scrolling through pictures of people having a great time for enjoying some fun activities with friends and family. Head out for a coffee to a local café, go for a walk or learn a new skill together that you’ll both enjoy!



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