News - 2nd January 2020

I never thought this would be me


Wanting to lose weight following pregnancy, Rachelle Morris-Peart found parkrun. 


Rachelle tells us how parkrun was the catalyst that stimulated huge changes in her life.


After pregnancy in 2016 weight gain was inevitable. With an extra few stone to shift, I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands.


I joined a training club, with a monthly fee. It wasn’t like a regular gym, we had a fitness coach leading our sessions, and I was sold the dream of reaching my goal weight in a year. I got fitter but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, and it was a struggle affording the fees.


After an Easter meet up with my girls, I made a decision that I needed to make lifestyle changes. As well as having a friend join me as my lifestyle change partner, I decided to try parkrun.


When I first started parkrun my PB was 49.05. My current PB is 34.45. I’ve lost weight, and I’m now achieving all the goals I set for myself.




I thoroughly enjoy parkrun and look forward to a Saturday morning. I’m not happy when I’ve got obligations that take me away from my parkrun! I’ve also started running 2-3 times in the week before work.


I never thought that would be me! Rain, sunshine, cold and dark I show up.


I’m living my best healthy life which parkrun has been a significant part of. I’ve loved getting back into some of my clothes that were previously hidden in the depths of my wardrobe. I’ve now ran three 10ks and one 5k outside of parkrun.


I’m currently training for a half marathon in March 2020 and one day I’d love to run the London marathon.


I’m developing a real love of running. parkrun has been the catalyst that stimulated big changes in my life.


My advice to someone thinking about joining parkrun is to do it, and keep going. You get to push through barriers and leap over boundaries with some inspiring individuals, all for free. Make your dreams a reality and join parkrun!


Rachelle Morris-Peart


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