News - 31st January 2020

Five Reasons to Stay Hydrated

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A new year brings fresh optimism and new goals for being our best selves, whether that includes taking up a new hobby, travelling, exercise or even just drinking water.


Our friends at Aqua Optima know the importance of maintaining a healthy level of hydration to help achieves these goals. Making sure you keep your reusable water bottle topped up throughout the day has many key benefits to your overall health, both for physical activities as well as for concentration.


Enhance the taste of water whilst improving your health and wellbeing by swapping to filtered water from Aqua Optima. Why not treat yourself to the lumi chiller; the compact and stylish water filter system! Get refreshingly chilled water at the touch of a button.


Read the five benefits for drinking water and get topping up your drinks bottle!


Stay energised

We are continually losing water throughout the day, particularly when we exercise as we perspire. Thus, it is important to replace this water. Dehydration will ultimately negatively impact your performance as your muscles are likely to fatigue more rapidly or cramp. So make sure you stay energised by drink water regularly and see how much easier it is to achieve a new personal best at parkrun!


Improve concentration

Even being mildly dehydrated can affect your concentration, making you feel tired and sluggish. Completing simple tasks can seem like a mammoth task when you’ve not drunk enough water, especially when you’re required to maintain a high level of attention or concentration. Simply keep a glass of water or drinks bottle close by to encourage regular rehydration so you can stay focused and alert.


Get that glow

Our skin requires water to function properly to maintain optimal skin moisture and retain essential nutrients for skin cells. Your skin will love you for staying hydrated as it increases its elasticity; a vital feature for ensuring your complexion remains clear and youthful.


Maintain muscle health

Our muscles are made up predominantly of water, around 70% in fact. To prevent muscular cramps, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to keep your muscles functioning effectively meaning you can exercise more and achieve your fitness goals faster.


Keep things in working order

Water is a fundamental factor that aids the effective functioning of our bodies. Maintaining a good level of hydration will help your body work at its optimal level, aiding digestion, reducing the risk of headaches and helping us to absorb essential nutrients from food.


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