News - 16th March 2020



If you had to describe your mum in one word, what would it be?


Mother’s Day is a time to focus on what makes our mums great. That’s why this week, we’ve launched a social media campaign called #MumsTheWord, celebrating mums. And we’d love you to get involved.


We want to celebrate all mums to show the world what our amazing dementia researchers are working to protect. And for mums who are affected by dementia we also want to highlight how the condition doesn’t define them.


To join in, we’d like you to share a photo on social media, along with the one word that defines your mum the best and an explanation of why you’ve chosen it.


Make sure you use the hashtag #MumsTheWord and tag us in – @AlzResearchUK on Twitter and @alzheimersresearchuk on Facebook and Instagram – so we can see your wonderful story.


To find out more about the campaign go to alzres.uk/mums


As well as finding out ways you can get involved in supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK, you can also see some stories of supporters whose mums are living with dementia.


Among them is Lynne, whose mum Anne is living with frontotemporal dementia. Lynne has chosen the word ‘fun’ to sum up Anne.


She said: “Mam met my dad at a dance hall, and he always calls her the ‘Dancing Queen’. My earliest memories are of her dancing and singing around the house.


“When I was growing up she made every day fun and always had a smile on her face. Mam was the life and soul of the party and always lit up the room.


“Now we go to a dance group, which is good for Mam and for me. She still to this day lights up the room, and I feel privileged to be by her side through her journey with dementia.”

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