News - 28th April 2020

Virtual challenge is up and running


More than 1,000 people have already signed up for our Running Down Dementia challenge and the number continues to grow by the day.


We are so proud to see that in these extraordinary times so many people are committed to helping us in our mission to find life-changing treatments for people with dementia. And we are delighted the challenge is helping people to stay active.


If you haven’t already joined the Running Down Dementia community, there’s still plenty of time to get involved.


Challenge yourself to run, walk or jog as much as you can by 31 August. You can push for 100km, challenge yourself to 300km, or simply choose a distance target that suits you. It’s your challenge so you can complete it however you want – just make sure you keep to government guidelines on exercise and social distancing.


This year we’ve added an extra fun incentive to help keep you motivated – the chance to earn virtual medals! There’s 15 to unlock in your virtual trophy cabinet.


You can collect a few for hitting milestones on the way to your distance target and there’s also a ‘Double Trouble’ medal for going on to reach double your target.


Running at different times of the day will unlock the ‘Up With The Lark’, ‘High Noon’ and ‘Night Owl’ medals, while achieve the goal of running five times in a week to get the ‘Running Streak’ prize.


Whatever your distance target and however many medals you earn, you can take pride in helping us to make breakthroughs possible for people with dementia.


Sign up for Running Down Dementia today.


If you fancy a change from running, we’ve also launched a summer version of our Cycling Down Dementia challenge. Challenge yourself to ride 500km, 1,500km or a distance of your choice by 30 June.


And if you are looking for the ultimate fitness test, check out our new triathlon challenge. Sign up for The Treble Challenge and set yourself running, cycling and swimming targets to complete throughout year.

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