News - 15th May 2020

Five ways to ensure you’re staying hydrated

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As the nation settles into life under new lockdown rules, and exercise guidelines are relaxed, staying active has never been more important. From running 5k to tuning in to virtual fitness classes, now is the time to stay active and healthy.


However, it’s important that we stay hydrated whilst exercising to avoid dehydration. Staying hydrated also keeps up energy and concentration levels and helps us to feel motivated and replenished to tackle those workouts, whether it’s a quick HIIT class from the comfort of your living room, or a run along the canal one morning.


Our partner Aqua Optima has provided five top tips on how best to make sure you’re staying hydrated whilst being active.


1.Set yourself reminders

It can often be difficult to stay hydrated with many of us now working from home or homeschooling children. Place reminders around the house, or an hourly reminder on your phone and that way, no matter what activity you’re doing, you won’t forget that important glass of filtered water.


2. Try something new

Staying hydrated doesn’t just mean drinking water, you can mix your drinks up throughout the day, to keep things interesting. There are various types of  teas to choose from, including green, herbal and yellow – now could be the time to try new flavours and encourage yourself to stay hydrated.


3. Prepare

If you’re planning to do a run at 4pm, plan your hydration breaks around this and aim to drink throughout the day. Staying hydrated is important to prevent muscular cramps – drinking water will also help to keep your muscles functioning effectively meaning you can exercise more and achieve your goals, ideal for those that are tackling the 5k challenge.


4. Get a water bottle

This may seem a simple action, but having a water bottle can really help you to stay hydrated.

Not only can you carry it around with you during exercise or when you’re running errands, it’s also eco-friendly, so you can enjoy every sip of water knowing that you’re helping the environment whilst staying hydrated.


5. Keep it chilled

It’s easier to stay hydrated in warmer weather when water tastes good and is chilled. Try using a water filter jug, which is a cheaper long term investment than bottled water and can be kept in the fridge to keep the water cold and refreshing all day.



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