News - 5th June 2020

Top tips to encourage children to drink water

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With summer just around the corner and temperatures soaring, it’s more important than ever to make sure children are keeping hydrated.


It can be challenging encouraging children to drink enough water, and that’s why our friends at Aqua Optima have put together some top tips on how to make sure little ones stay hydrated during the warmer weather, and while they’re at home for longer periods of time.


1. Mix it up!

Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring. Many parents may struggle to get their little ones drinking water, so why not make it fun and mix it with some tasty fruits and try a variety. Even better – get the whole family involved in making a mocktail, like watermelon lemonade. It’s a good way to keep the family entertained too. Mix with filtered water for an extra refreshing taste



2. Get a water reusable bottle

This may seem a simple one, but having their own water bottle can really help to encourage children to drink.

Whether you’re enjoying a family picnic in the garden or going out on your daily walk, having a bottle of water handy is ideal for keeping all the family happy and hydrated.

What’s more, it’s also eco-friendly, so you can all enjoy every sip of water knowing that you’re helping the environment whilst staying hydrated.



3. Rewards

It can be challenging to make sure children are reaching for a healthy drink instead of a fizzy one, especially during lockdown when boredom kicks in. Reward them with gold stickers, or a film at the end of the day, if they’ve managed to drink their water. This will incentivise them to keep going.



4. Make it part of your meals

If children see you drinking water it’ll make it easier for them to make the same choice. Ban fizzy, sugary drinks from the dinner table and replace them with water. This way they will get used to drinking water and staying hydrated. Why not enhance the water by flavouring with some fresh lemon or seasonal berries? A nice big pitcher in the middle of the table is always appealing.


5.  Make it accessible 

Make it easy for the little ones to access water in the home. This can be through a filtered jug kept in the fridge or a water chiller placed in the most popular room in the house. The Aqua Optima lumi chiller is a perfect addition to any home and the whole family can help themselves to a refreshing drink of filtered water at the click of a button.


To view the full range of Aqua Optima products, please visit the Aqua Optima website here.


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