News - 24th July 2020

Rediscovered mojo

Sandra J 6

Moors Valley parkrunner Sandra Jones tells us how she has rediscovered her exercising mojo during lockdown.


Initially during lockdown I was working from home. I was then furloughed. This meant I was no longer stuck in traffic on the daily commute. Having more time to get out an exercise, and at different times of the day, has enabled me to rediscover my running and walking mojo.


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The club I am a member of, Verwood Runners, came up with weekly tasks to keep us motivated whilst running solo. This really gave me the kick-start to get out and about again. We were set tasks like running on streets that began with particular letters that made up a word or short sentence. This led to exploring more around where I live. We also did our Easter Bunny run virtually. I’m really not sure what people thought as they saw me running around Ferndown in bunny ears!


I have also found that taking part in virtual runs and challenges has helped to keep me motivated alongside live fitness sessions from a run club coach on social media which has helped loads with my core strength and balance.


Sandra Jones 5


Up until the end of May all my runs were within 2km of home. I then ventured back to Moors Valley Country Park, home of Moors Valley parkrun, for a change of scene which has been lovely. Once restrictions had lifted a little, I was there supporting my sister as she was doing a long run for a virtual event. After seeing her I ran on a bit further and recognised a club running friend who was out doing his own run. It was so uplifting to see a familiar face after all that time!


Sandra Jones 4


I am missing the encouragement and camaraderie of the parkrunning and running community as a whole. I’m so looking forward to getting back to our regular Saturday mornings once we are able to do so.


I initially discovered parkrun having followed a Couch to 5k programme and then going along with a friend who had started parkrunning in Bournemouth, to help out as she had mentioned they were short of volunteers.


I find parkrun is a great way to start the weekend and I enjoy the regular exercise. It’s a great way to meet all sorts of different people and a lovely social gathering each week.


Sandra J 8


Moors Valley parkrun is my local and I’ve completed 49 parkruns there and volunteered a good many times too, usually as the Tail Walker.


I did my 50th parkrun June 2019 with a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme. I ran dressed as Alice in Wonderland. I got to meet Zog, the park’s dragon character too! Then I had my wettest, muddiest parkrun ever at Bournemouth last New Year’s Day!


Sandra J 7


Whilst we are unable to meet up for our normal parkruns, I’ll continue challenging myself ‘virtually’ and not let that mojo drop. My aim is to complete 50 miles this month.


I will be totally ready for parkrun when it returns!


Sandra Jones

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