News - 12th August 2020

Signs of dehydration

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Did you know that bad breath can be a sign of dehydration? Not too pleasant! With warmer weather sweeping the UK, it’s never been more important to keep healthy and hydrated.


Here, our friends at Aqua Optima share three unusual signs you may need to reach for some filtered water:


1. Bad breath


Have you ever experienced having bad breath after not drinking enough water following a tough workout or run? This is actually a sign of dehydration!


Saliva has antibacterial properties and dehydration can prevent your body from making enough. If you’re not producing enough saliva, you can get bacterial overgrowth in the mouth, causing bad breath. So next time your mouth feels a little dry and your breath is smelling less than fresh, it’s time to reach for some water to hydrate


2. Reaching for sweets


Not many of us realise this, but when our body is craving a sugar hit, it can often be a telltale sign of dehydration. When we haven’t drunk enough fluid it is difficult for organs, such as the liver, to release glycogen for energy.


Because water is needed for this breakdown process to occur, your body will crave those sugary (or salty!) foods to make up for the lack of glycogen. Next time you’re reaching for the gummy bears, try rehydrating with a refreshing fruit cordial or filtered water instead.


3. Dry and flushed skin


This may seem obvious, as many of us may have experienced dry lips when we haven’t drank enough water, but an easier way to know if you’re dehydrated is to perform the pinch test.


When you’re dehydrated your skin lacks elasticity – so pinch your skin and if it appears thin and doesn’t bounce back on your body quickly, it’s a sign you need to grab a drink!


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