News - 29th August 2020

Fitter than ever


Patula Naylor started parkrunning aged 60 and after a recent health scare has relished being able to get out and run again.


I first came across parkrun because l saw the event taking place in the park opposite our house. I don’t know why l decided to go along for the first time, but l am so glad l did!


I walked most of that first parkrun because l had not done any running before then. I was 60, and didn’t expect to run, but I saw lots of other older people running and I was inspired to have a go. I got the bug and I also joined a fantastic ladies running club, called South Leeds Sisters. I learned so much and gained a lot of confidence and worked towards my first 10k which l completed in 1hr 6 mins.


I went back to Cross Flatts parkrun each week because it felt a safe place to be. I loved the community feel.


I enjoyed volunteering, particularly when I was on crutches after a foot operation and then again when I broke my wrist.


I am proud to say that l broke my wrist while doing parkrun!  I had plenty help and offers to get to the hospital. It was a bad break, and needed an operation to plate and screw it. It was almost a year before l felt able to run again. It has fully healed now, with no after effects! My 100th run was due the week after that accident, so l looked forward to getting back so l could tick off that major milestone.



Petula Naylor 2


Whenever I reached a parkrun milestone my family always made it special. On my 100th parkrun it rained heavily. My son had bought a card for people to sign, which was impossible in the rain! He also put a 100 celebration sparkler candle in a banana!



Petula Naylor 1


A challenge to run 5k in 50 days came about because I had recently been in hospital with a heart scare and thought I would be hanging up my running shoes for good but my GP encouraged me to get running again, taking it very easily, to help my mental health.


5k for 50 days just sounded good! I’m not one to do things by halves! Also I wanted to use the challenge to help support a local charity.


Petula Naylor 4


I started off gently, mainly walking the distance. It wasn’t long before the running bug returned and I was really pleased to find I could still run. I soon found I could complete the distance running and have carried on running each time, even up the hills! I feel fitter than I ever have! My husband comes out with me and walks at a fast pace, while I loop back. He is 79 years young to my 68! He is a great support and encourager. The Cross Flats (not)parkrun has also been a great motivator.


I am thrilled to say that I have just finished my 50th 5k. What a fabulous feeling.


Health permitting, I just want to keep running and enjoy it as long as I can. I am well and truly hooked!!


Petula Naylor


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