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Did you know… Staying hydrated can help with migraines?

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Many of us will have experienced a pounding headache. The type of headache which causes nausea, and can leave you feeling drained and exhausted, for days on end.


This is a migraine and around one in seven people in the UK suffer from them.* They can vary in seriousness, from a really bad headache, which can be solved with some pain relief, to temporary sight loss and being stuck in bed for a few days.


However, did you know the age-old myth of drinking water is true, and staying hydrated can help reduce migraines and headaches?


In line with Migraine Awareness Week (6 – 12 September), our friends at Aqua Optima provide four tips on how to stay hydrated all day long, to help prevent potential migraines and dehydration:


Get a hydration buddy


Whether you’re back in the office, or chatting to work colleagues via Zoom, a drinking buddy can really help you stay on track and motivate you to stay hydrated. You can even make it more fun by setting each other goals for the week, but don’t make them too difficult, you want to make sure these are manageable for the both of you to achieve.


Why not get the whole office involved too? Create a leaderboard – this adds a competitive element and makes staying hydrated much easier.


Try adding some fruit to your water


It can be difficult to stay hydrated when you don’t like the taste of water. Try adding some zesty fruits like lemon or limes, or even some chilled cucumbers to make your drink a little tastier.


You could even research non-alcoholic drink recipes that include water and make them for the family or work colleagues. Staying hydrated doesn’t always mean having to drink water – get creative!


Do some research


Everyone is different, which means that how much water you need to drink varies.


Do some research and find what works for you and makes you feel good. Find your hydration ‘sweet spot’ and stick to it. You’ll reap the awards, including less of those pesky headaches.


Stay positive


When setting goals, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain them, as life worries and everyday stress can get in the way. It’s important to not worry about not drinking enough water one day, we’ve all been there – if this happens, forget about it and re-set for the next day.


If you are suffering from recurring migraines, please seek medical advice from your GP.


To view the full range of Aqua Optima water filter products, please visit the Aqua Optima website here.

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