News - 6th October 2020

(not)parkrun motivation

Niki Cairney 3

(not)parkrunning has been Niki Cairney’s introduction to parkrun. She now can’t wait to experience an actual event!


I have wanted to participate in a parkrun for a while but my first running journey ended with an injury before I got the chance.


After having a suspected case of Covid-19 during lockdown and being really unwell for 2 weeks, I decided to take charge of my health and especially my weight. I started the couch to 5k programme and while doing this caught wind of (not)parkrun. So as soon as I had completed the couch to 5k programme I began my (not)parkrunning adventure.


I have really enjoyed my (not)parkruns, logging 9 weeks worth now. I do sometimes find it daunting that I’m so slow and there are some really fast (not)parkrunners logging their times locally. I just have to remind myself that, after being ill a few months ago, I couldn’t even manage to walk around the block. I don’t think I’ll be logging any sub 30 min (not)parkruns just yet but I am building my fitness and gradually getting faster.


During the week, between my (not)parkruns, I have also been doing strength and flexibility training. I have even been reading books about running and what types of exercise would be beneficial for me. This is something I never would have believed I would do!


Now my daughter has started the couch to 5k programme with the aim of joining me at Clapham Common parkrun once the events are able to open again. We have been running her training runs together, then I have been doing my (not)parkrun 5k and a longer weekly run on my own.


Niki Cairney 4


(not)parkrunning has given me the motivation to go beyond the 5k distance and I have managed to complete my first ever 10k. I’m not stopping there! I have signed myself up to take part in the Brighton Half.


I am hoping to be a regular parkrunner in the future, with my daughter alongside. After all the running by myself it is going to be quite strange running with other people but a ‘good’ sort of strange.


Niki Cairney 1


Thank you (not)parkrun for introducing me into the parkrun world. It is great to know that running is for anyone and everyone, not just the people who look like ‘runners’!


Niki Cairney

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