News - 7th October 2020

Five fun ways to make water part of your child’s lunchbox

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Children are officially back at school, and long gone are the days of lockdown home comforts!


Now, the day starts early and concentration levels are more important than ever,  as they readjust to a new routine and get back into the swing of school life.


So, your little ones need all the help they can get – right?  Drinking plenty of water should be a priority for everyone and regular intake  throughout the day can help keep children healthy, happy and hydrated. And it  needn’t be a chore – the key is to make drinking water enjoyable for children.


Here, our ​friends at ​Aqua Optima​ have shared five fun ways to ensure children are drinking enough water – starting with making their lunchbox something to look  forward to each and every day.


 1) Invest in a reusable water bottle


It may seem simple but investing in their very own reusable water bottle can really help children stay hydrated at school. The key is to make it fun!


Their favourite cartoon or book characters will instantly catch their attention and make them want to pick up their drink. For older children, try a bottle which has  measuring targets on. This helps them keep track of how much they’ve had to  drink and there are plenty of more sophisticated designs out there too.


2) Get creative


Some of us struggle to enjoy the taste of water, especially if we live in a hard water area. This applies to children too, so it’s time to get creative.


Add some ​zesty fruits like lemon or limes, or even some chilled cucumber slices  to make their lunchtime beverage that little bit tastier. You can even cut the  cucumbers into fun shapes to make the drink more appealing for young ones.


3) Leave a little note


Try leaving a little note of encouragement in your little one’s lunchbox to remind them how important it is to drink up as well as eat up. With so much change to take in at school at the moment, a little word of encouragement can go a long way.


4) Use fun eco-friendly straws


Place a colourful eco-friendly straw in your child’s lunchbox so they can enjoy sipping their water at break time. This fun extra will help them look forward to staying hydrated.


5) Get rewarding


It can be challenging to make sure children are reaching for a healthy drink instead of a fizzy one, especially when they’re at school with friends. Reward them with stickers or another treat at the end of the school day if they’ve managed to drink their water. This will be the perfect incentive to keep going.


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