News - 9th November 2020

Ever thought your water tasted a little off? You could be living in a hard water area

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Have you ever had a drink of water from your tap and thought it tasted a little off? Or have you ever wondered why water tastes different depending on where you are, or realised that some people don’t drink their tap water?


If the answer to either of the above is yes, then you have probably encountered what is known as hard water.


Our friends at Aqua Optima, with the help of their scientist Dr Christopher Ashley, have helped us understand what hard water is and the surprising reasons it can impact everyday life, including our workouts.


What is hard water?


In the simplest terms, hard water is essentially water that contains a higher concentration of magnesium and calcium, and while many of us might think ‘so what?’, the reality is that while it’s perfectly safe to drink, there can be some unpleasant side effects, including funny tasting water.


What should I be looking out for if I live in a hard water area?


One of the most obvious things to look out for is checking to see how your water tastes from the tap. Does it taste strange? This is one classic sign you could be living in a hard water area. Some people say that hard water tastes slightly chalky – but this all depends on the mineral concentration.


Making your beloved brew may take a bit longer to make than usual- hard water by its very nature takes longer than purer water, since the minerals increase the point at which it boils. So if you find yourself spending more time waiting for the kettle to boil, this may be an indication you’re living in a hard water area.


Boiled vegetables and potatoes may also taste a bit off – the chalky taste of hard water may cause your food to not taste as good. Not ideal if you’ve been looking forward to a home cooked meal after a tough workout.


So, how can hard water affect my workout?


Hydration is incredibly important when you’re working out, it helps to restore the water we lose through sweating. However, if the water tastes a little different it’s going to make it even more difficult to stay on top of your hydration game.


Try using filtered water for your next workout, simply fill up your water bottle with it and see how you up your hydration game by refilling with delicious tasting H20. Be a little adventurous and add some protein power or an electrolyte sachet to create a delicious and nutritious concoction.


Refueling with good nutritious food is also an important part of recovery for a workout, it helps provide energy for your next gruelling workout. But, eating weird-tasting vegetables and potatoes isn’t ideal – especially when you’ve been looking forward to it.


Using filtered water beforehand will help prevent vegetables, fruit, even sauces from tasting off, perfect for a delicious post-recovery meal.


Final thought…


Although drinking hard water poses absolutely no threat to health, a simple water filter jug which you can pop in the fridge can make a real difference.


Not only does filtered, purer water taste better, but it can also improve the quality of your cooking and general household appearance and cleanliness – things which we can all relate to.


To view the full range of Aqua Optima water filter products, please visit the Aqua Optima website here.

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