News - 18th November 2020

Lace up those trainers – how to stay motivated during lockdown 2.0


For many of us, going to the gym and enjoying a workout was a real source of release and enjoyment during these tough times.


Now, as we enter lockdown 2.0 and gyms and leisure centres are closing again, many of you may be struggling with how to stay health motivated at home.


Our friends at Aqua Optima have provided some simple tips to help keep you motivated and on top form during this second lockdown.


Plan a little and then plan some more


As we navigate through these uncertain times, one way to keep your health on track and stay motivated is to plan your workouts. Now you’re at home you can be flexible as well – find a time that suits you best, is it in the morning or is it at night? Then fit your workouts into a dedicated slot. This could be a walk, jog or run with a friend in the park, which you can upload to your parkrun profile or a home workout if you’re having to self-isolate.


Top Tip: Create a fitness list and cross off each time you do a workout. It can be really satisfying to see how many workouts you’ve completed during this lockdown and spur you on to do even more when gyms and events such as parkrun reopen.



Reward yourself


It can’t be all work and no play – reward yourself for completing that tough workout at 6.30am or reaching a personal best on your (not)parkrun. It’s the only way you’ll keep yourself motivated to carry on, even when you don’t feel like it.


It can be something as simple as having a relaxing afternoon with a cup of tea, an indulgent bath or a new outfit to wear when we can start socialising again.


You could even create fun non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy after a tough workout – be sure to use filtered water to make them taste extra delicious!


Stay on top of your hydration game


An important part of staying on top fitness form is your recovery. A good recovery process will prevent you from feeling run down and keep you motivated to continue through a tough workout or running session  – and this all starts with staying hydrated.


Set reminders throughout the day, either through your phone or with post-it notes around the house, to give you a nudge to make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. This should be heightened during intense activity. If you’re at home, why not grab the water filter jug from the fridge for a nice chilled glass refreshing water..


Get goal-oriented


During the first lockdown many of us may have treated it like a holiday, with healthy eating, hydration and fitness goals thrown to the side, and replaced with  takeaways and lazy days.


In order to stay on track, it’s important to have a goal that’s personal to you. It could be to run 5K non-stop.


Once you have that goal, place it somewhere where you’ll be able to see it everyday as a constant reminder.


Get friends and family involved


Gyms are very sociable places – you can make new friends and enjoy a quick chit-chat with fellow gym goers as you workout.


This social element can still be achieved, even during lockdown. Enjoy virtual workouts with friends and family over Zoom or get your trainers on and go for a socially distanced run with your friend  – perfect for when we get a glorious day of winter sun.


Create a workout WhatsApp group with friends too so you can all spur each other on.



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