News - 11th January 2021

Time to put a cork in it – top tips for getting you through dry January


With Christmas well and truly over, decorations packed away and the new year in full swing, many of us may be setting some realistic resolutions for 2021.


This could be getting more organised, increasing our daily exercise, trying to eat a little healthier after the Christmas break or even taking part in Dry January.


If you’ve decided to take part in the alcohol-free month, our friends at Aqua Optima have provided some simple tips on how to successfully complete the month – even during lockdown 3.0.


Start embracing new hobbies


If you’ve decided to participate in Dry January, you’ll know the most difficult part is declining a glass of wine or even a beer after a long/stressful day at work.


Replace this habit with a new relaxing hobby – this could be knitting, drawing or even baking. Focusing on a new skill, can really help prevent you from picking up that bottle and pouring yourself a drink.


Who knows, you may even become an expert in your new hobby?


Let’s get physical and not fizzical


Exercise is a great way of releasing those all-important endorphins. These can sometimes be referred to as the ‘happy hormones’ and they trigger a positive feeling in the body – ideal for when you’re feeling a little low and want to reach for an alcoholic beverage.


Creating a fitness routine that fits in with your working from home week can keep you focused and help you to get through the month. Try mixing it up and include different exercises from runs in the park to a HIIT workout – ticking off each time you do it can also be really rewarding.


Idea: Why not set yourself a fitness challenge? With fewer hangover days, you can really dedicate yourself to a new goal, this could be running a 5k or holding yourself accountable to do your workouts.


Start a sober group


It can be difficult to stay motivated during lockdown, and even more so if you’re the only one out of your friendship group sticking to going sober for January.


Being surrounded by like-minded people can spur you on and help you achieve your goal and also keep you accountable for staying sober. Follow Dry January groups on Instagram or Facebook, or even check out the Alcohol Change website for tips on how to keep going throughout the month.


You could even create a Dry January group chat for work colleagues who may also be taking part in the challenge.


Set yourself hydration goals


Now that alcohol is no longer being drunk, you may be stepping up your hydration game.


Drinking enough H20 throughout the day can have many benefits, from glowing skin to a good night’s sleep – it’s the best remedy for helping you feel good and also getting rid of any toxins in your body.


However, during busy schedules, it can often be forgotten about. Set reminders throughout the day, either through your phone or with post-it notes around the house, to give you a nudge to make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. This should be heightened during intense activity. If you’re at home, why not grab the water filter jug from the fridge for a nice chilled glass of refreshing water.


Reward yourself


This will be a really challenging month for some people and it’s important to keep yourself motivated, and this can come in the form of a reward.


Why not use the money you would normally spend on alcohol for the month and treat yourself to a new set of trainers or even a fancy new top? Having this goal in mind will help you continue to stay sober, even during the most challenging days.


You may even shock yourself by the amount of money you’ve saved in the month!


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