News - 11th February 2021

Don’t forget self-care this Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of us may be celebrating slightly differently this year, either on our own or without our partners due to lockdown restrictions.


Juggling home schooling with parenting and working from home, combined with the constraints of lockdown 3 it can leave us feeling deflated.


So, one simple tip is to remember to show ourselves a little self-care, even more so on Valentine’s Day. These can be easy things, such as running a bath or making sure you stay on top of your hydration game, helping you to feel good mentally and physically – which is the key to staying positive during lockdown.


Our friends at Aqua Optima have provided some simple self-care tips that you can give a go this Valentine’s Day.



Get an early night


This might not be conventional, but getting an early night is the perfect self-care tip.


Getting enough sleep is essential for muscle repair and mental health – hence the term ‘beauty sleep’.


Treat yourself to some aromatherapy scents – these can be in a candle or a spray and use them just before bed to help you relax and drift off to a good night’s sleep.


Top Tip: Put your phone away an hour before bed. The blue light which is emitted from our phones makes us feel more alert and switched on – not ideal when you’re wanting to feel relaxed before bed.



Get drinking


Many of us don’t understand the full benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated. Not only does it help your skin glow and deter headaches, but it’s also vital for our energy and concentration levels.


Set reminders throughout the day, either through your phone or with post-it notes around the house, to give you a nudge to make sure you’re drinking enough water. This should be heightened during intense activity. If you’re at home, why not grab the water filter jug from the fridge for a nice chilled glass of refreshing water.


Try adding some fruit like lemons and limes to your water for a tasty and refreshing beverage too.


Go for some fresh air


With differing lockdown restrictions it often be hard to commit yourself to daily outdoor exercise, but fresh air and being out in nature is a great way of raising your endorphins, the ‘happy hormones’ and getting that all important vitamin D.


Why not pop on a feel-good playlist and podcast and go for an hours walk in the afternoon? This will really help boost your mood and also aid a good night’s sleep.


Have a bath


Baths are a great way of feeling relaxed after a stressful day – treat yourself this Sunday to a luxury dip.


Light some candles, put your favourite face mask on and put on an episode of your favourite series or playlist in the background.


Top tip: Add two big mugs of bicarbonate of soda to comfortably hot water. Immerse yourself completely for 20 minutes. The bicarbonate neutralises the skin’s acidity, softens dry skin and is a good aid in detoxification. Don’t use soap or shampoo as the chemicals will reduce the effect. Rinse off and go to bed soon afterwards. You will feel very tired, sleep well and find it much easier to get up in the morning.


Treat yourself


In these difficult times, it’s important to recognise how far you’ve come and that starts with treating yourself and what better time to do this than on Valentine’s Day?


It can be something as simple as having the afternoon to relax with a cup of tea, purchasing a luxury face mask to go with your bath time routine or ordering a new book to read before bed.


Most importantly, be proud of yourself and show yourself some love this Sunday!


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