News - 25th March 2021

A passion for parkrun

Sarah Human Interest 2

Being active all her life, Sarah loved parkrun so much she created a six week returning to running program so other mums could enjoy running 5k after having a child. 


For more than seven years, Sarah has enjoyed running and is using her favourite Varsity Lakes parkrun course on the Gold Coast, Australia to complete her first ever virtual event, the World Athletics Cross Country Championships Bathurst 21 Global Challenge. 


“I have always loved running with my dad and I was a particularly sporty child and parkrun helped me rediscover and foster my love for running as an adult.


“I have been on and off running in parkrun for seven years and after being active for most of my life and I was gutted when I injured myself while trying to return to running and parkrun after my first pregnancy.


“I didn’t know the right steps to take to get back into running, but I knew I wanted to complete a 5k without stopping and as a result I ended up injuring myself which required months of physiotherapy and rehab.


“So I created a six week return to running program so women could run with confidence post-pregnancy, injury free.


Sarah is passionate about parkrun and the benefits of exercise for the mental health of individuals.


“We are a family of on and off parkrunners. But we absolutely love the atmosphere and the community.


“parkrun helps me with my mental health, and I know it’s the same for many other mums.


“It’s a good stress reliever and I’m big on exercising for mental health purposes.


Sarah enjoys the parkrun environment and actively encourages friends and family to participate in the local event. Her passion for running even inspired her six year old son to complete his first parkrun in 2021.


“I was impressed when my son wanted to be involved with parkrun after years of watching me take part, and was proud when he wanted to get the whole family involved.


“Seeing him and being with him when he was completing his first parkrun was a great moment. It was probably one of the biggest highlights of my parkrun journey, especially when he completed the 5k in 38 minutes.


Sarah and her family love the atmosphere of the parkrun community and find that it is a fun community event.


“Everyone at parkrun is happy and friendly. It’s not an intimidating type of competitive, it’s a very supportive and encouraging event and it’s something I want to make a regular part of my life.


“I love the community spirit. It’s a really good atmosphere and I have met some really great friends through the park run community.


When the opportunity to participate in the World Athletics Cross Country Championships Bathurst 21 Global Challenge as her first virtual race, and join team parkrun came up, Sarah was excited she was able to include her local parkrun course in her event.


“Running is one of those things that you don’t need to rely on other people to do. It’s something you can do anywhere which is why I was interested in the Global Challenge.


“The Global Challenge is a great initiative because it combines my love for parkrun and love for running in one event.


“I am naturally a fun and competitive person, so seeing my results virtually during the Global Challenge helps me picture myself a part of a physical race.


“What’s great about the Global Challenge is I can use a real and tangible course like my parkrun course to compete in this event. I get the best of both worlds where I participate in a physical event and still get to enjoy the competitive element of the global challenge.


“I’m looking forward to completing my Global Challenge at Varsity Lakes parkrun.”


When joining team parkrun as a part of the World Athletics Cross Country Championships Bathurst 21 Global Challenge, not only are you connecting with participants all over the world, but you are helping to keep parkrun free, for everyone, forever.


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