News - 7th May 2021

UK update – 7 May


As we move through the reopening process for parkrun and junior parkrun, we are publishing a UK-specific update every Friday to keep ambassadors, event teams, parkrun communities, and landowners informed on our progress. 


5k in England


It’s been another positive week as we continue to liaise with landowners for our 5k events in England, and receive more permissions for events to return on Saturday 5 June.


At the time of writing we have received full or partial permission from landowners representing 135 events, with 232 in progress, and we’re waiting to hear from landowners for 213 events. We know that landowners have been under incredible pressure for over a year now, and in some cases where we’ve not heard back it may well be due to administrative delays, or incorrect contact details. We’re working hard to get that right.


With Saturday 5 June getting closer all the time however, and all parkrun communities requiring certainty around whether or not they will actually be returning, we are working towards a deadline of Friday 21 May for either confirming we have enough support to return on 5 June, or that we haven’t reached that point yet and will be delaying to a later date.


Other home nations


All parts of the UK are now seeing reduced COVID-related illness and strong rates of vaccination, and therefore are also relaxing restrictions and allowing more activities to take place. We now have dates in the diary for junior parkrun events in Wales, and in Northern Ireland, and are close to confirming the same for Scotland.


With regards to 5k events, whilst none of those nations have published roadmaps that provide absolute clarity around the return of parkrun events, we are beginning to see opportunities, are working with local and national stakeholders, and will be ready to open our events at the earliest appropriate time. Scotland, for example, may well be able to accommodate the return of 5k parkrun events from Level 1 of their roadmap, which is likely to begin on 7 June.


Conversations are ongoing across all the home nations, and we will of course provide further updates when we have more information to share.


Finally, it was great to see over 9,500 children complete a 2k junior parkrun at the weekend, with 3,500 personal bests logged, and 1,200 first-timers. All supported by almost 3,000 volunteers.


Thanks so much for your continued support.


Tom Williams

Chief Operating Officer

parkrun Global


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