News - 11th June 2021

An open letter to landowners


Today we announced that 5k parkruns are now set to return across England. We also wrote a letter to all landowners who have given us permission, which you can read here.


Dear landowner,


Thank you to everyone who has supported the return of parkrun events across England.


With landowner permission for over 500 events, we are now confident that we can reopen safely on Saturday 26 June.


Please rest assured that our return is contingent on Monday’s government announcement presenting a position that remains supportive of our events returning. We will be carefully monitoring the situation, have planned for numerous scenarios, and will be in touch with all landowners should the situation change. Please do also feel free to contact us at any time, with any concerns, via


We’re maintaining a list of events with landowner permission here. Where events do not yet have permission, we will be continuing our work with landowners through next week and it remains possible for those events to reopen on the same timeline.


We kindly request that prior to any public communication by landowners regarding how the government announcement relates to parkrun events, approval is received first via


Many thanks,


Tom Williams

Chief Operating Officer



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