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New adventures

Nicola Fowler 2

Nicola Fowler has mild cerebral palsy. Looking for a way to get fit, she started parkrunning in 2018.


Nicola then joined a local running club, and is now representing them at club events, and enjoying all kinds of new adventures.


I’m 37 and suffer mild Cerebral Palsy which mainly affects my fine motor skills.


I have always loved doing sport and in 2018, after a couple of years not really doing any, I wanted to get fit and started jogging. I had tried it a few years previously but kept falling, this happened again but I just carried on. Eventually my knees were getting too battered, so kneepads were bought and they work!


After a few months, my sister, who is a keen parkrunner, suggested I give it a try. I got my barcode and set off to the local Sewerby event. I managed to do it in 33 minutes.
Nicola Fowler 4


Little did I know then how my life would change.


Through meeting some of the Sewerby parkrun volunteers who were also members of The Bridlington Road Runners Club, I stepped into the unknown, not knowing how I would cope, entering a 10k race with them. But cope I did and I’ve been representing the club in events since 2019.


Nicola Fowler 5
I have a job which, at the time, meant working every other Saturday, so I enjoyed looking forward to parkrunning on those Saturdays when I was free.


When we go away for the weekend in the UK we try and incorporate a local parkrun, these have included Cannon Park and Fulham and others closer to home such as Dalby Forest. We also completed Newark on Christmas Day 2019 and did the Scunthorpe and Normanby Hall double-header on New Year’s Day 2020.


Nicola Fowler 1
After this, I took a different post at work which required me to work every Saturday. Having already completed 40+ parkruns, I set myself the target of reaching my 50th by the end of 2020, using my holiday leave to be able to get to the events.


When COVID-19 hit us and the parkrun events were suspended, Bridlington Road Runners went into overdrive and started their own parkrun equivalent, a 5k route of your choice to be completed on a Saturday. I did it each week and when I saw that parkrun was doing it too, I entered my time on the (not)parkrun site.


When parkrun resumed the run club stopped doing their Saturday 5k, but doing the (not)parkrun gives me a target to run on a Saturday. I have done 46 (not)parkruns, just doing one a week on a Saturday.


I have completed two parkruns since it restarted in July, both at Sewerby. Last Saturday, at my 46th parkrun, I knocked 34 seconds off my PB!


Brilliant! Thank you parkrun.


Nicola Fowler 

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