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News - 18th February 2022

Constant, supportive and enjoyable

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Louisa Lally treasures parkrun. She credits the community for getting her through a difficult time post pregnancy, and helping her regaining her fitness.


I’ve had a long term love affair with parkrun.


My first few years were spent racking up my total number of parkruns, attending post-parkrun coffees and organising my holidays around the events.


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I stopped parkrunning towards the end of my first pregnancy, despite assuming I’d be able to ‘run through’ it. My body was saying stop and I finally decided to listen.


This extended after my baby was born, when I suffered from pelvic organ prolapse which is a very common, yet generally undiscussed, side-effect of pregnancy and birth.


The prolapse had a huge impact on my return to exercising and parkrun. Although disappointed, the culture and community of parkrun is the main draw for me and I continued to volunteer whenever I could.


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Through Covid and moving country, from UK to Ireland, I’ve made a slow return to parkrunning and I’m now thoroughly enjoying slower but no less enjoyable parkrun participation again.


I listen to my body better and I know that with the right support and exercises, there’s no reason I can’t get back to full fitness again.


I just love that parkrun remains constant, supportive and enjoyable throughout all that life brings. I am a huge advocate, just ask my friends! I treasure it immensely for both my mental and physical health.


My new local event, Griffeen parkrun in Lucan, already feels like my new parkrun home.


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Louisa Lally

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