News - 9th June 2022

Had to try it for myself

Claire Wallace 1

Claire Wallace is a practice manager at a GP surgery. When she heard about parkrun, she felt she couldn’t sign the surgery up as a parkrun practice without trying it for herself.


My parkrun journey started in January 2019, after my husband saw an article in the media around joining the parkrun GP practice initiative. As a practice manager I signed the surgery up and felt I ought to give it a go.


Apart from jogging on the streets where I live, to prepare for holidays, I’ve never really been much of a runner. At my first parkrun I walked and jogged, I couldn’t run more than 500m at a time, but I didn’t give up. Gradually, I built up to running the whole thing. I encouraged my husband to join me too and now we do parkrun together every week.


Claire Wallace 4


We are lucky to have our home parkrun event in Worthing. The course has lovely sea views and friendly volunteers. Being cheered on when I was near the end of my first ever parkrun encouraged me to return, and knowing I would not come last was a real boost.


I love the atmosphere at parkrun every week, meeting new people and trying to beat my own previous time. My husband and I always look forward to Saturday mornings, it is such a perfect start to the weekend.


Claire Wallace 5


In the past four weeks I’ve volunteered due to a recent operation. I still felt involved and love seeing everyone pass the finishing line. I did bar code scanning which is easy and fun.


We have enjoyed other parkruns such as Norwich and Haldon Forest, when we were on holiday in that area, and are looking forward to our next trip away with a parkrun nearby.


Claire Wallace 2


There are a few of us from my surgery who regularly attend parkrun with increased participation on some weekends. Our clinical team encourage exercise and parkrun as a socially prescribed option. We have put links on our practice’s website to try and encourage more to join us.


Claire Wallace 3


Having achieved our 50 milestone, both my husband and I are aiming to achieve 100 parkruns and hope to do more volunteering too in the future. It is hard to think of a time when we didn’t do parkrun!


We regularly encourage our friends and family to join in.


I recommend everybody tries parkrun.


Claire Wallace

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