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How to avoid heatwave-induced dehydration this summer


With the recent heatwave in the UK, the risk of dehydration is becoming more and more at large. Naturally, the hot weather makes us want to spend more time outside. However, too much time spent in the heat can pose a risk to our health when we don’t lookout for signs of dehydration.


Our friends at iPRO have put together ten tips to know about keeping hydrated during a sizzling heatwave.


1. Thirst isn’t an indicator 


At first, we may be acutely aware of how thirsty we are. But believe it or not, thirst is not always the first sign that our bodies are dehydrated. Before feeling thirsty, you could already be dehydrated and lose as much as 1 to 2 percent of your body water content.


2. Look out for the symptoms 


One of the first symptoms of dehydration can be headache, fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, or overall low energy. These symptoms cause repercussions if left ignored. Recognising the less serious signs beyond thirst can easily prevent severe dehydration or stop it before it worsens. Learning more about the symptoms of dehydration will make it easier to recognise when your body needs fluids.


3. Avoid over-drinking water


You would think the first step to preventing or recovering from dehydration is immediately drinking water. It isn’t always the case. Drinking too much water can dilute the concentration of sodium in our blood (otherwise known as electrolytes). Consuming too much water poses a serious risk to our health, and we don’t always realise it.


4. Choose an isotonic drink


When we sweat, we lose vital salts and minerals that need restoring to maintain a natural balance of fluids in our bodies. These salts and minerals are known as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride (electrolytes). Electrolytes play a role in rehydration as they are responsible for directing water to the areas in our body that need it the most. That’s why isotonic drinks such as iPRO Hydrate with added electrolytes are more effective at rehydrating than drinking just water alone.


5. Have a pre-workout hydration plan


Our fluid needs vary as we all sweat at different rates. However, exercising in a heatwave makes you sweat more, so incorporate this into your hydration preparation when you plan to exercise. Creating a hydration plan around your workout is a great way to keep yourself aware of your hydration levels.


6. Have a post-workout hydration plan  


Hot weather intensifies the electrolytes lost to sweat after exercising, so keep hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Heat exhaustion can occur when the body hasn’t adapted to hot conditions. If you begin to experience symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, headaches, nausea, or a high temperature, lie down in a cool place and keep your feet elevated. Drink plenty of fluids like iPRO Hydrate to replenish lost fluids.


7. Avoid consuming excessive caffeine


Caffeine is a diuretic ingredient, which means beverages containing caffeine such as energy drinks and coffee can increase the urge to urinate. Drinking caffeine-fuelled beverages during a heatwave is cautioned against, as it can advance dehydration in the body. As a healthy hydration drink, iPRO Hydrate doesn’t contain diuretic and non-nutritional ingredients such as caffeine or simulants.


8. Check your urine colour 


As odd as it sounds, checking the colour of your urine can help determine how dehydrated you are. If you’re passing a pale yellow colour, then your body is adequately hydrated. However, if you’re passing a dark colour then it’s a sign your body needs more fluids. You can access urine charts online to assess how dehydrated you are.


9. Check the inside of your mouth


When you’re dehydrated, your mouth and tongue may feel dry. That’s because your body doesn’t have enough water to produce saliva.


10. Do the Pinch Test


When dehydrated, you may have poor skin turgor. Having poor skin turgor means it takes longer for your skin to spring back into place. You can test this by pinching the skin on your forearm to check how supple it is.


Beat the heatwave and get the leading healthy hydration range delivered to your door for less than £1 a bottle at www.iPRO.Direct.



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