News - 18th August 2022

Has an injury impacted your participation at parkrun, and any exercise outside of parkrun?


As part of our ongoing mission to create a healthier, happier planet, we support a small number of independent research projects each year.


Researchers Dr Richard Blagrove and Dr Clare Stevinson have designed a short survey that we would be grateful if you could complete – it should take approximately 10 minutes. The deadline for completing the survey is 10 December 2022.


The survey aims to capture a summary of your parkrun participation, typical walking/running and exercise habits, injury incidence, and the consequences of any injuries on your mental health. Whether you are currently injured or not, your experiences on this topic are important to us. Your responses will be anonymised, and no identifiable data will be passed to, or used by, parkrun.


Dr Richard Blagrove and Dr Clare Stevinson are lecturers at Loughborough University in the UK. Richard is a Lecturer in Physiology and is currently leading several projects on how the performance and health status of those who participate in endurance-based exercise activities can be improved. Clare is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health and has led previous research on the benefits of parkrun and other community-based exercise.


Click here to complete the survey.


Dr Richard Blagrove and Dr Clare Stevinson

Email: R.C.Blagrove@lboro.ac.uk



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