News - 20th September 2022

The benefits of a training programme

A lady is jogging in a park, smiling and wearing a plain white top and headphones.

So many things can get in the way of regular training, whether it’s not finding the time, not knowing where to start, or simply not having the motivation to get a workout in. This is where programmes can come in handy.


Whatever your goal, a training programme with our friends at WithU can help you reach it!


Removing the guesswork


It can be really hard to know – especially as someone who is not a fitness professional – whether your individual workouts are helping you progress towards your goals, but programmes take all of this guesswork out of the process for you. By having a coach create and provide you with a programme that is tailored to your goal, you can be sure that every single workout is moving you one step closer to where you want to be.


Providing structure


Coaches have a solid understanding of all the training that you need to do alongside your walks and runs, in order to build a strong body that will carry you through your required mileage. This includes strength and conditioning workouts, and mobility flows. The structured nature of training programmes means that these supporting workouts are sure to be included, when they may otherwise be forgotten.


Easily tracked progress


It’s so easy to look back on your training and fail to recognise all the progress you’ve made. Sometimes, being too close to the change can cloud your vision. However, by having a training plan to review over time, you can see each individual workout that you’ve ticked off the list, and you can gain a real sense of achievement that will help you massively on the days when your motivation is waning.


parkrun training programmes


Looking for a training programme to help your parkrunning? You’re in luck. We’ve created a range of programmes designed to improve your parkrunning, in partnership with parkrun. Each one is tailored to a specific goal, and is jam-packed with workouts that will help you reach your target. Whether you’re new to parkrun and want to complete your first ever 5K, or whether you’re a regular at the events looking to shave some time off your PB, our training programmes can help.


Fitness is so important not only for your physical health but also for your mental health. But, unfortunately, it all too often falls to the bottom of the list when life gets busy. If a programme can help to make fitting exercise into your day-to-day routine, then we think that’s a pretty big win.


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