News - 5th October 2022
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Happy birthday to us from our friends at WithU!

A close up image of a person's trainers while they are walking on the beach. It reads 'WithU' in the top left hand corner of the image.

To support our birthday campaign, our friends at WithU want to share with you exactly why you should be getting more walks in and how they can help you get your steps up!


parkrun becomes parkwalk


To commemorate their birthday, parkrun is becoming parkwalk for the month of October, and they’re shifting the focus from running at their events, to walking. The move is an effort to increase inclusivity each week, and spotlight the mental health benefits that walking a 5K can bring. It’s a celebration of movement of every kind, and we’re so proud to be a part of making it as good as it can be.


More than it’s given credit for


Unfortunately, walking is often underrated within the fitness space, dismissed when compared to higher intensity. But we don’t agree with this narrative!


We see walking as a hidden gem, offering a huge number of health and well-being benefits while also being free and easy to do. The physical benefits* include improved circulation, stronger bones and muscles, better sleep, supported joints, and a healthier heart. While the mental benefits* include a clearer head, lower stress levels, reduced fatigue, and lessened anxiety. As well, going for a walk is a great social opportunity, which is a proven method* of supporting your mental health.


Walking on WithU


In aid of the parkwalk campaign, we’ve created a range of walking workouts, which are all entirely free for the month of October. There’s both interval and continuous distance walks to enjoy on our app, led by a range of different coaches. So, no matter how you want to get walking, we’ve got you covered. Simply download WithU to get started.


We’re also running a challenge throughout October on our Instagram @withutraining, to encourage as many people as possible to get a walk in every single day. Make sure you head to our page to check it out!


This month, put your trainers away and get your walking boots out – it’s all about lowering the intensity and slowing the pace. Join us in celebrating 18 years of parkrun, by getting out for a walk. Here’s to the next 18 years, we’re sure they’re going to be great.




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