News - 23rd November 2022

Completely at my own pace

Elizabeth robinson 7

Elizabeth Robinson started parkrun earlier this year, always with the intention of walking the 5k. She and husband, Alan, have enjoyed being amongst the event’s lovely, inclusive group of parkrunners and feeling the benefits of their increasing fitness.


I first heard about parkrun a few years ago from my cousin, a parkrunner in Manchester, but assumed it was for ‘proper runners.’


Roberts Park parkrun near my home in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, began last October. A friend, Chris Kinsella, started going in January and encouraged me to give it a try.


I began in April this year, going along with the understanding it was fine for me to walk rather than run the 5k. Indeed it was and Chris kindly accompanied me, keeping to my pace. I enjoyed being welcomed and encouraged by the wonderful volunteer team.


Elizabeth Robinson 3


I went back the next week, taking Alan my husband, who immediately mixed some jogging with walking. We felt totally comfortable taking the 5k at our own pace. Alan is now jogging most of it, while I do periods of jogging. I prefer to go completely at my own pace, as it helps me to concentrate!


Elizabeth robinson 5


I love the excitement of the start, standing with people with a great variety of abilities. Alan and I both enjoy reviewing our improving results.


Elizabeth robinson 1


We both feel we’ve benefitted from parkrun. Healthwise, I feel so much better. My breathing and stamina have improved. It has also added another joyful activity and more fabulous friends to our lives. We enjoy our coffee and chat at the Half Moon cafe afterwards. I even get to catch up with friends from the All Together Now Choir, that I am a member of, as they also come along to Roberts Park parkrun.


Elizabeth robinson 4


We intend to continue our parkrunning, at our own paces. It has become an important part of our lives.


Elizabeth Robinson

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