News - 30th December 2022

Everyone is welcome at parkrun


Stefan is a regular volunteer at Frickley Country Park parkrun. With the introduction of parkwalk in October, Stef wanted to try and complete the course at Frickley for the first time.


He kept a short diary of his progress to show that at parkrun, time isn’t important and all levels of fitness are welcome.


At Frickley’s event number 123, I completed my inaugural parkwalk in just over an hour, accompanied by the volunteer parkwalkers in their blue hi vis.


I love that there is no time limit and Frickley is such a lovely course. You are never last, as the tail walkers are always the final finishers, helping to encourage everyone round the course.


The following week I was parkwalking with a visitor named Andy. Having reached the summit of the ‘Zig Zag’, Andy agreed that there were stunning views! I was over the moon to get a PB.


The week after that, I achieved another PB and I was joined by Caroline, who really kept me moving, as well as some other walkers. Even walking enables goals and improvements and really should encourage people to come and give it a go - parkrun isn’t all about running! It’s more about being part of a community, and feeling the benefit of being outside with other people.


For my fourth week in a row, I parkwalked with some visitors from Rotherham, spending some time as a bit of a tour guide, as one of the visitors was a youngster and the park is built on the old pit, so there’s lots to investigate!


For my final parkwalk in October, I achieved another PB and met some first timers named Mark and Nazreen, along with their baby daughter Lela. It was a great walk, and we hope to see even more walkers at Frickley Country Park parkrun in the new year.


Everyone is welcome at parkrun whether you’re walking, jogging, running, or a combination of all three. I know I will be back and will continue to parkwalk.





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