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Put your best foot forward this January

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Preparing for your very first parkrun? We’ve got you covered with our Walk To 5K training programme.


Guest article written by WithU.


New year, new goals? January is often a month for health kicks, with what seems like everyone and their dog looking to overhaul their routines. This can pretty quickly get intimidating if you’re new to physical activity or returning from a break. So, to support you during this time, we’re looking at the benefits that can be gained from joining our Walk To 5K parkrun training programme.


All the benefits


Programmes are incredible tools for promoting greater accountability in training. They provide structure to your routine, creating consistency and longevity to your training. They take your training from ad-hoc and off-the-cuff, to something which really drives you forward and closer to your goals.


Plus, they have the added benefit of allowing you to look back and see how far you’ve come, which is invaluable on days when your motivation might be lacking.


Walk To 5K


Walk To 5K is an eight week programme led by world-class coaches, designed to help people complete their first ever parkrun event. It’s jam packed with a range of different workouts, including outdoor runs, strength & conditioning sessions, and mobility flows. Each individual workout has been hand-picked to ensure that all your bases are covered, and that your training is well-rounded. This is going to help you not only progress like never before, but also protect your body from injury.


And the best part? It’s entirely free.


Other parkrun programmes


Want to up the ante a little? Check out our other parkrun programmes. There’s four other time-based programmes to choose between, to help you get your PB.


Find your community


Need a little extra support? Find a community of like minded individuals on our socials, and share your journeys together. Our Facebook community is filled with incredible members who support one another through workout struggles, motivation lulls, and more. Likewise, our Instagram is a safe space to share stories and experiences with others.


Whether you’re just starting out in fitness or rediscovering exercise after a hiatus, our parkrun programmes will be the perfect fit to help you on your journey. If you do decide to join us on a programme, remember that you can take the weeks however you need them. You’ve got this.


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