News - 16th March 2023

Kettering parkrunner Rebecca Murphy parkruns with three generations of her family, including her Mum who she looking forward to making more treasured parkrun memories together.


I had just started a couch to 5k programme, when someone suggested parkrun.


I thought maybe I shouldn’t go until I could run 5k non stop, but my son, who was eight at the time, really wanted to go. My husband was working, which meant I needed to go with him.


Yes I wasn’t the fastest, and I walked quite a few times, but honestly no one cared. They clapped and encouraged me just the same as the people at the front.


Thankfully my husband took over running with our son as I couldn’t keep up. It was lovely that they were there to cheer me in though, and our older boys have also joined us now too.




As the weeks go on you start to get to know people, and I began to really look forward to Saturday mornings, and the pre and post run chats.


It really is a community that just happens to do 5k!


I finally persuaded my Mum to come along on the week I had volunteered to be tail walker. She was so nervous seeing what see called the “real runners” warming up, and then got back in her car to go home! She completed it though, and after some time building up her confidence, she is now completely hooked.


We do like to try other courses and get to know other parkrunners, especially over a cuppa in the cafe after the parkrun.


parkrun Christmas day is now our family tradition. We even didn’t let lockdown stop us, doing a (not)parkrun.




I just love the fact that as a family of three generations, we can all turn up and join in, welcomed wherever we go, and our times range, but we are there together.


I truly hope I’m still parkrunning like my Mum when I turn 70.  If I’m not parkrunning with her I love being there to cheer her in. It is just amazing to see her parkrun achievements!


These are cherished times we spend together and I look forward to making more memories.


Rebecca Murphy



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