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How to start running: WithU’s top tips

2022_11_21_How to start running

Sharing our top tips on how to go from being a running newbie to clocking up the miles

Guest article written by WithU.


New to running? We’ve got you. We’re sharing our top tips on how to get started with the sport. Keep scrolling to get into it.


Pick a type of running that suits you


Everyone has their own favourite way to run, and all you need to do is find yours. You might be a treadmill lover at your local gym, you might prefer hitting the trails in the countryside, or you might feel most at home on the streets near your house.


And it’s not just where you run, but how your sessions fit into your schedule and life that’s important. Find a combination of method and convenience that works for you, and you’ll be set.


Remember your “why”


Everyone has their own “why” for getting started in running. For some it’s to build up to a certain distance, for others it’s to find a new hobby. Whatever your reason, keeping this “why” in your mind will work wonders for keeping your spirits up if you find your body starting to flag.


Like any new activity, running is something that can take a little while for your body to adjust to. So make sure you avoid placing too much pressure on yourself. Be kind to yourself and things will feel that little bit easier.


Get running with WithU


Getting started with running couldn’t be easier on WithU. We’ve got well over 200 running workouts to choose from, with everything from treadmill sessions to intervals to continuous distance outdoor runs. And that’s not all – we’ve got five incredible FREE parkrun training programmes, suitable for parkrunners of all abilities to help you improve your 5k.


There’s also a huge range of strength and conditioning workouts and mobility flows, to help you stay strong and supported as your running increases.


Ultimately, the most important thing when starting running is to enjoy it. When you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll find it much easier to maintain a consistent running routine, which is vital for building up your cardio endurance, and ultimately for getting better at running. So – try out our top tips and see what works for you. You’ve got this.


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