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A holiday you come back from fitter than when you left

Going away for your holiday used to mean ditching your well-honed fitness regime.  We at Exodus Travels are looking to change all that!  Going away doesn’t necessarily mean your first parkrun back will be a struggle as on one of our newly launched fitness week holidays, it could mean you return in better shape than…

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Stephen Chapman, Store manager of Co-op Petrol Roundhay gives an insight into his parkrun family

Each week Co-op will be featuring guest bloggers to tell us about their experiences first-hand. Stephen Chapman is not only a Co-op Store Manager but is also a co-event director at Dewsbury parkrun. Stephen gives us an insight into his parkrun family.   I work as the store manager of the Co-op petrol station and…

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Proud to be a partner of parkrun as we celebrate #parkrun13!

This Saturday 7 October marks a very special day for parkrun as it will be exactly 13 years since 13 people completed the very first parkrun! The international parkrun community is now huge and here at Intersport we are happy to be part of the family. As a proud partner and helping to keep parkrun free…

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Stats the way to do it

We’ve been crunching some numbers and have come up with some amazing statistics which highlight the success of the partnership between Alzheimer’s Research UK and parkrun.   We were delighted when we joined forces with parkrun in 2015 as their charity partner and continue to be blown away every day by the support of parkrunners,…

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A safe place to learn

For people with Type 1 diabetes and those using insulin, hypos (or low blood glucose levels) are part of life. This week is Hypo Awareness Week and Fiona Pugh, one of the parkrun PROVE project Champions for Diabetes, tells us how she found that parkrun was a safe place to learn how to manage exercise…

Sarah Prior
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Running away from ‘The Big C’

Hi, my name is Sarah. I am 42 years old, I have a 10-year-old son and I am a regular at Beeston parkrun in Nottingham. I am writing this blog to inspire people to keep active during cancer treatment, because doing so has really helped get me through my own treatment so far.   Late…

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Research into running injuries: what would you do?

My name is Liz Clark and as part of my MSc at the University of Portsmouth, and Drug Safety Research Unit, Southampton, I am doing research into what runners tend to do when we experience symptoms of injury.   I would be grateful if you would spend five minutes completing a short anonymous questionnaire based…

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Focus on your ability

I lost sight in my right eye when I was four. I was on holiday with my family and we had just arrived at a campsite, which had a swing park and slide. I was on the slide at the top and somehow I fell off. Being 1970, ‘Health and Safety’ was not at the…

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A happy accident

How much do you remember about your first morning at parkrun? My memory is that it was fairly unremarkable if I’m honest, or at least it seemed so at the time. It was a dry, mild day in October and I hadn’t been running for all that long. I’d never done a timed 5k, other…

Family Inca Trail group near Winay Wayna
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The Leap of Faith

Why wouldn’t you sign up to parkrun?  For some it’s the distance.  For others it’s the time.  Or it might well be something that falls under the “I’ll do it next time” category…    Every parkrunner will know these feelings as we’ve all had the butterflies before deciding to go on your first parkrun!  But…

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